4 Reasons To Use A Handyman With Investment Properties

July 7, 2016

Owning an investment property can be exciting, fun, and lucrative. But to have a successful running investment property, you must have certain things in place. One of the most important pieces to the puzzle is having a reliable handyman. It is even better if you can have multiple handymen when owning an investment property. Whether you have vacation rental property at the beach or a cabin in the mountains you need to have people that can immediately fix problems when you’re not around.

1. Convenience When working with a handyman, you typically are going to be dealing with the handyman one-on-one. Unlike working with a contractor, a handyman will many times be a one-person operation. It can be much easier scheduling the projects and jobs when you can do so directly with the boss. A smart thing to try to accomplish is to build a relationship with more than one actively working handyman. Having a few people that you can rely on will help in case one may be busy or does not specialize in what you want to be done. The benefit of dealing directly with the person that’s doing the work is that you will have the opportunity of getting to know them.

2. Cost-effective It doesn’t matter if you have a rental property in your neighborhood or a beachfront vacation rental, home expenses come out of your profits. A handyman typically charges a fraction of what a contractor would cost. Also, many DIY types get themselves into a lot of trouble trying to fix something or remodel something that is beyond their skill set. If you go ahead and hire a professional from the beginning, you will have the peace of mind knowing that it’s done correctly and it will not break the bank. Many of us have been in this position. You try doing it yourself to save money. Then you wind up buying a bunch of materials and tools, you get started on the project and realize you cannot complete it. Now you have to call and someone to bail you out. Wouldn’t it be easier to hire a cost-efficient professional handyman from the start and get the job done correctly?

3. Getting work done quickly Whether you’re trying to get repairs done on your primary residence or you need a toilet fixed on a vacation home beach home a handyman is going to get the job done faster than anyone. Because they’re not committed to big jobs like building houses, they can usually get your work done a lot faster than hiring a contractor or company to do the job. Especially when it’s something small. If you have a project or problem that needs to be addressed immediately having a few handymen the call will be beneficial.

4. Handymen have many skills You can have a long list of things that need to be done, and the chances are that a handyman can tackle and check off the entire list. You will find that a handyman can do a little bit of everything. A good handyman can do anything from changing out a smoke detector to small remodeling jobs and everything in between. Many times you can find a handyman that is a retired general contractor or something equivalent. Sometimes people underestimate the scope of jobs that a handyman is capable of doing.

In conclusion, just like hiring anyone for any job do your research and interview more than one professional. One of the most significant benefits of having a website that can pull together many people have the experience and know-how to complete the tasks that you need doing is having multiple qualified people on the sidelines ready and willing to work for you. This is particularly important when owning an investment property. Many times when something goes wrong on a rental property you need to have it fixed immediately. So, get a few good and reliable handyman that you can call on and you will be able to rest easier.

Danny Margagliano is a realtor and guest blogger from South Walton Beach, Florida. Margagliano’s real estate education has earned him accolades as a Certified Investor Agent Specialist, Certified Distressed Property Expert, Home Pricing Specialist, and The Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist.