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Rent-a-Gent(s) Handyman Services
Osage Beach, Missouri
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Handyman in Osage Beach, Missouri

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Upon retiring and moving to the Lake Ozark area we discovered that finding Honest, reliable people, contractors etc., with high integrity and unparalleled pride in workmanship to do work on our home, was proving difficult at best and near impossible at worst. A thought balloon appeared one day, while working on a project at our own home, and the foundation of Rent-a-Gent(s) was developed. We decided that if we were going to be in business, doing work for other folks like us, we wanted everything that we couldn't find when we were looking for contractors or repairmen ourselves. Communication... One of our biggest complaints was that very few people returned our phone calls. When we did receive a phone call they often times made a promise to come out and look at our problem but never showed, or they showed but arrived late with no phone call explaining the situation, no apology when they, (if they), finally did show, and many would come, look at our issues, promise that they would get back to us with a bid never to be heard from again. We even had one come out as promised, look at our issues, gave us a bid, the bid was accepted,( though it seemed expensive relative to the work to be done), and then he never showed to do the work. We believe now that he overpriced the job thinking that we wouldn't accept the bid because he didn't want the work. When we accepted the bid, because he was the only one we found to do the work, he didn't know what to do so he just didn't show. Communication is Our Responsibility. We promise a phone call within 1 hour of your call. If we make promise to arrive at a certain time and are going to be late or even close to late, you will receive a phone call letting you know where we are, when we will be there and why we aren't performing as promised. Honesty... We must do what we promise. Another issue we had with the people we hired was having them tell us something completely false, that we knew was false or wrong. Whether on purpose or out of a lack of knowledge. Either way it was dishonest. If you don't know, just say you don't know. There is no shame in not knowing something; the shame is the pretense of knowledge resulting in a lack of performance at the highest level of excellence. Honesty is at the core of our Lives and Carries Over into Our Business Practice. Integrity... Integrity is engrained in every aspect of our business. We were taught by our parents that our integrity, really is all we have...all we own as a person. We have carried over to our business the highest of both moral and artistic integrity. We refuse to compromise our moral integrity for the almighty dollar or our artistic integrity to get something done faster, easier or cheaper. When we give you a bid on repairs, and the bid is accepted, our bid is final for those repairs. We don't come back to the table for more money because it was harder or took longer than we originally estimated. We also won't shortcut a job, use inferior materials than what our bid reflects, or fail to finish a job. Integrity is Important to You as a Consumer, But it's Imperative to the Growth of Our Business. Pride in Workmanship... We will never finish a job and be afraid or ashamed to say, "Are you happy with the quality of work?" We believe that if we can't proudly ask that question with complete and total confidence of a positive answer, then we have failed at providing the level of service for which we strive on every job. If we can't provide a finished result with Pride in Workmanship, we'll tell you before we start the project (See Integrity above).


Basement renovation
Bathroom renovation
Ceiling repair
Ceramic tile repair
Concrete work
Curtain hanging
Deck building
Door installation and repair
Drain cleaning
Driveway sealing
Drywall installation and repair
Flooring installation and repair
Garage doors
General maintenance
Home inspections
Insulation installation
Kitchen installation
Lawn care
Lockset adjustment
Moulding installation
Painting paint removal
Patio stone installation
Safety modifications
Senior living modificiations
Storage areas
Wall building
Waste and junk removal
Window installation repair

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